I am a postdoctoral researcher at Facebook (London offices). I work with the Core Data Science team at problems at the intersection of CS and Economics.

Previous to that, I was a a postdoctoral researcher at Politecnico di Milano. I hold a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the same institution, advised by Professor Nicola Gatti. My PhD combined Artificial Intelligence and Game Theory to produce artificial agents capable of strategic reasoning in adversarial settings. In particular, I am interested in equilibrium computation problems in general settings. The main goal of my research is understanding how agents can learn to coordinate their actions in complex non-cooperative environments.

I stayed as a Visiting Researcher at Carnegie Mellon University during winter/spring 2018, where I had the opportunity to work with Professor Tuomas Sandholm at the Electronic Marketplaces Lab.

I have been awarded the 2017 Lesmo prize for the best Italian MSc Thesis in Artificial Intelligence.

🎖 My paper "No-Regret Learning Dynamics for Extensive-Form Correlated Equilibrium" won a best paper award at NeurIPS 2020.

My CV can be found here.

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